6 killer tips to write a effective blog post.


As a blogger you have to write effective, otherwise your blogging is piece of junk. There are many useful tips which might help you improve your writing which help you to make your audience interested. To make blogging effective your blog content should be good which provide you a community of visitors. It's important to do research and post up-to-date information.

6 killer tips to write a effective blog post.

To become a good blogger you have to pay attention on following tips.

1) Don't make mistake's.

As a blogger you have to write posts of high quality and avoid making mistake's. As we are humans and we all make mistake's, but it can be avoided by giving time, using apps to capture mistake's and reading post before publishing. The better you write, the more visitors you have.

2) Make research on your niche.

In professional blogging you have to be expert of your niche. You can research about your niche and always search for update's about your niche. The more expert you will the more community you get. It doesn't matter what you are writing about just know your theme.

3) Visuals.

As people perceive visual information better, it's important to add visuals, infographic and media blocks in your post. You just have to find visuals related to your topic and add it to your post, If you are good designer then make your own infographics. 

4) Communication is must.

Blogging is not just about writing, attract visitors and gain community. It's not enough you have to engage with your visitors to learn something new and keep developing. you have to listen to your readers and learn from them. You have to reply each comment on your post, it is the key to success. 

5) Write interesting.

Almost all visitors don't read complete post because it is boring. Many bloggers believe to write long posts but this is waste of time. You have to write short but interesting and with complete information. Don't use complicated sentences  it will reduce readability. 

6) Write for audience.

In professional blogging every one should agree that readers first. You have to write for your audience, and you have to research about what they want. Comments are useful for this, you have to find queries from comments and write posts on them.


I have discussed 6 killer tips to write effective blog post and i hope these tips will help you to improve your writing skills. I hope you enjoy it.

5 killer SEO Tools.

Best SEO tools.

In this post we are listing 5 killer SEO tools. These tools are free to use and also very simple but helpful. SEO is the main part of any blog or site. You can't get organic traffic without proper SEO. SEO depends upon many factors. 

Read: How to improve SEO.

If you want to check SEO of your site then these 5 killer SEO tools will be helpful for you. Many people are don't aware of these SEO tools. These SEO tools are the best SEO tools of this year.

5 Killer SEO Tools.

1) SEMrush:

Best SEO tool.

This is best SEO tool. I am also using this tools. It allows you to check backlinks and other different essentials. It also provides deep analytics of your site. Free to use but Pro version is also available. I love this tool that's why it's top in my list. Different tools are available in this some basic tools are listed below.
  • Analytics report.
  • Advertising research.
  • Backlinks.
  • Keyword research.
  • Domain vs Domain.
  • Site Audit.
  • Social media tool.
  • SEO Ideas.

2) Buzzsumo. 

Best SEO tools.

It is also one of the best SEO tool. This tool has many many features. It is also one of the best tool for content marketing. You can use it for free but pro version is also available. This tool has many features but some basic features are listed below.

  • Content alerts.
  • Content analytics report.
  • Domain Comparison.
Overall, buzzsumo is an excellent tool for search marketers with a low price,

3) Ahrefs.

best SEO tools.

This tool is not for free to use because main features are not available in free account, but if you sign up with pro account then this will be life saving tool for you. This tool also provide complete information about SEO. This tool also help you for link building.The main tools are listed below.
  • Site explorer.
  • Position explorer.
  • Content explorer.
  • Position tracker.
  • Crawl report.

4) Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

best SEO tools.

 These both tools are also one of best SEO tools. Google analytics provide complete and deep analytics of your site. Google search console provide basic SEO tools for you. Both of them are useful but google search console is very useful to make your SEO good. The main features of google Search Console are listed below.

  • Crawl reports.
  • Search analyitcs.
  • Links to your site.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Indexing status.

5) Majestic SEO.

Best SEO Tools.

Majestic SEO tool is also one of the best SEO tool. It's free to use but pro is also available. It's similar to buzzsumo in looking, but differ in working. There are many features of majestic SEO tool. Some basic tools of majestic SEO are listed below.
  • Site explorer.
  • Search explorer.
  • Link map tool.
  • Plugins.
  • Comparing.


I have listed 5 killer SEO tools. I hope these 5 killer SEO tools will be helpful to you and you enjoy to read this. These all tools are free to use and every one can use them.

5 killer tips to get comments on your blog.

how to get comments on blog.

If you are new to blogging and want to know how to get comments on a new blog than these 5 killer tips to get comment on your blog will be helpful to you. These tips are not just for new blogger, many old bloggers also don't get comments on their blogs.

Why To Get Comments On Blog?

In my opinion comments are also very important. There are many advantages of comments. In blogging comment is that feature which i love most, Because it provides visitors a platform to make conversation on your post topic. Some advantages of comments are listed below.
  • Comments show that your blog is active.
  • Comments provide platform for visitors to interact with each other and do conversation. 
  • Large number of comments show that your blog is active which is requirement of advertisers and guest bloggers.
  • Comments give ideas for your blog.

Another main thing for getting comments on your blog is the design of your blog. The more attractive design of your blog will be the more visitors will be attracted to your blog. Professional and responsive template make it easy to get comments on any blog. I will suggest you to buy a premium template, If not then make a premium template own. Now a days template making require no coding skills, you can make a template within 10 minutes with the help of template makers . If you don't know about these template makers then read this post: Best template makers to make a professional template.

5 Killer Ways To Get Comments On Your Blog.

1) Create Unique Content.

"Content is King". Content is the main thing to drive traffic to your blog. Without Unique content you can't get traffic to your site and without traffic you will never get comments. If you had created unique content then visitor will be automatically forced to comment on your blog and appreciate's you. Unique content will never make you fall. You can find more about this on this article: How to Improve Content.

2) Make Blogging Effective.

You can also get more comment by making your blogging effective. If your blogging is not effective then your blogging is just like a piece of junk. You can make you blogging effective by following these simple steps.
  • Be Topical.
  • Post Continuously.
  • Refreshing Content.
Find more about how to make blogging effective on this article: 5 Killer ways to make blogging effective.

3) Call To Action.

If you are not asked by any person to make comment you will never comment. Many bloggers including me ask and encourage visitors to make comment on blog. You will notice that in all posts i have asked visitors to make a comment below. Force visitors to make comment on you blog other wise you will never get comments on your blog.

4) Build Strong Community.

Professional blogger knows that the first thing to make a blog successful is to make a strong community of visitors. If you are successful in making strong community then you never have to force them to make comments on your blog. 

5) Comment On Other Blogs.

Many visitors when ask that this tips is not helpful to get more comments, But this is not true. If any one make a comment on other blogs and leave a link below of his blog then surely visitors of blog will click on his link. This will also provide a backlink. If you are not satisfied with this tip then try today by making 50 or more comments in week and then see results. Start now from my blog.


Every blogger want to get more comments on his blog and you also want. I hope you will enjoy these 5 killer tips to get comments on your blog. If you have any issue regarding to this topi then tell me by making a comment below.

8 killer tips to Increase google page rank.

how to improve google page rank.

If you are a blogger, than you to aware of page rank. Page rank is not just only a ranking factor, it's an important metric to judge a website's credibility. Before i provide you these 8 killer tips to increase google page rank i give you an introduction to page rank.

What is Page Rank?

Page rank is ranking system of google, in which they give points from 1-10 to any website. If you had a new domain then it's page rank will be N/A or 0. Page rank directly depends on site quality and Backlinks. The more backlinks the higher page rank will be. If you use backlinks maker it will make tons of links to your site, but it will damage your site's quality and credibility.

Why To Increase Page Rank?

Let you understand why to increase page rank. Many people think that page rank doesn't matter in terms of traffic, it's true that their is no direct relation between page rank and traffic. If you have high page rank then other bloggers don't mind to link your site, because high page rank shows the good credibility of a site. Many advertiser also want to monetize good blog and if your page rank is higher then it will attract more advertiser to your blog.

8 Killer Tips to Increase Google Page Rank:

1) Backlinks.

Backlink is the main factor for increasing page rank. You have to link your site with high page rank site's it is important to know that low page rank site's will not help you to increase page rank. Making high quality backlinks is not so difficult.

There are many ways to make high quality backlinks some of them are written below.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Forums.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Making videos.
  • E-books.
These all ways are discussed in detail in this post: How To Build Quality Backlinks For Your Site.

2) SEO Optimized Content.

Search engines love high quality and SEO optimized content. If you are updating your blog on regularly basis then search engine will crawl your blog very often. You have to post SEO optimized content on your blog or site it will help you to increase google page rank.

If you don't know about SEO then you first have to read: How to Improve SEO of a Blog.

You also have to spread your content via social networking site's.

3) Submit Blog To Web Directories

Another good way to increase google page rank. You have to submit you blog to high ranking web directories, it will help you to increase page rank of your site. The more you submit your blog to web directories the higher chance of increasing page rank will be.

Here i am providing you the list of high page rank web directories.

4) Fix Broken Links.

Broken links will decrease your site's performacne. You have to find your broken links and fix them, other wise it will reduce your site page rank. You can use webmaster tools to find and fix broken links of your site.

5) Organize Contests.

Blog contest is the most easiest way of marketing. You can find many products related to your niche and you can run contests like, Review your product, vote this product and social bookmarking votes.
Through this type of contest you can not only get backlinks, but also you can attract more visitors.

6) Ask other blogger to link you.

If you had done awesome research and you have high quality articles on a specific topic for example you have a high quality article on SEO, then find other blog related to this niche and ask them to share you post with a link this will provide you a high quality backlinks. 

7) Internal Linking.

Internal linking also helps you to increase google page rank. If you had followed wikipedia then you have also seen the trick of wikipedia's Internal linking. This is an amazing trick to make you site's SEO better and it will also help fast indexing by search engines.


I have provided you these 8 killer tips to increase google page rank which will help you to increase page rank of your site. There are many other ways to increase page rank but i have listed here some of the best tips to increase google page rank.

5 killer backlinks checker tools.

backlinks checker.

SEO has changed in last couple of years, but one thing that remains same is Backlinks. SEO is the main factor for improving quality of any site. One thing to remember about backlinks is you have to make high quality backlinks for your site. Quality is much better than number of links, the more high quality links you have the higher pagerank will be. In this post i will provide you 5 killer backlinks checker tools to check backlinks of any site for free.

What are Backlinks?

When any website links to your site or any page of your site, this is called Backlinks. Backlinks are categorized in two ways: Dofollow links and follow links. Backlinks are used by search engines to rank your website, but google had added more signals to rank a website and has demoted the priority of backlinks.

How to make backlinks?

There are many ways to make backlinks for your site. You can easily make backlinks for your site, but making backlinks is not important you have to remember one thing about backlink is to create high quality backlinks which are given more priority then low quality backlinks. Some ways to make high quality backlink are listed below.

  • Create high quality and long posts.
  • write an e-book.
  • make comments on other sites.
  • Forums.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Making videos.
These all ways are discussed in detailed in this post: How to build quality backlinks for your site.

5 Killer Backlinks Checker Tools.

There are many sites on internet which allows you to check backlinks of any website, some of them are free and some are not free. Here i will discuss about 5 killer backlinks checker tools which are free to use and provide true analytics and information about backlinks of any site. 

1) Semrush:

Sumresh for checking backlinks.

Semrush is one of the best SEO analyzer tool, which provides you complete and deep analytics of your site's SEO. Semrush has now introduced backlinks checker tools. Which helps you to check your backlinks. It shows complete information about backlinks. I am also using Semrush.


  • Deep analytics of your site.
  • Complete information about backlinks
  • Free version is also available.
  • Compare your site performance with other site's.
  • Pro version is also available which include's many other features.
These are some basic features of Semrush.

2) AHrefs:

Ahref for checking backlinks.

Ahrefs is also one of the best SEO analyzer tool, that's why it is on my list. It is paid backlink checker tool, but if you sign up for free account then you can also check backlinks of your site. This tool provide a great deal of detailed related to your site's backlinks. If you buy premium version then this will be a life saving tool for you. 


  • Provide complete analytics.
  • Show your site's backlinks.
  • Complete and detailed information of your backlinks.
  • Provide information about your backlinks increase or decrease.

3) BuzzSumo:

Buzzsumo for checking backlinks.

BuzzSumo is one of the best tool for content marketing. This site is famous for his marketing researching tool. This site offers both free and pro membership. You can use backlinks checker tool for free. The main thing about this backlink checker tool is that this is no so accurate.

If you want to use this backlink checker tool then click this link: Backlink-Watch:

4) Open Site Explorer:

Open site explorer for backlinks checker

Open Site Explorer is best of all tools listed here. If you want to only check your backlink then it's free version is right, but if you want to see detailed information and analytics of your site's backlinks then i will suggest you to pay some amount of money and use pro account. If you want to compare backlinks between 2 or more site's then this tool is best. The main thing to know about this SEO tool is that, it is powered by MOZ.

5) Link Diagnosis:

Link diagnosis for checking backlinks.

Link Diagnosis is also good backlink checker tool. This tool provides many features and options while checking backlinks of your site. You can check backlinks of single page of your site, it also allows you to see detailed and deep analysis of your site. It also allows you many other features which which you can see by using it.


This article has pointed you some of the best and trusted 5 killer backlinks checker tool, which allows you to check backlinks of your site. I hope you enjoy it.

If you are facing any problem you can contact me or make a comment below i will help you.

4 blogging tools to promote your blog's content.

how to promote blog's content.
In blogging content is the main thing. You put countless time and efforts to make your content good and high quality, or may be you hire any professional blogger or graphic designer to make your content high quality but what good is a solid piece of content if it's not being put in front of the right audience. This will waste your effort and time. This is the main reason for providing you these 4 blogging tools to promote your blog's content.

Many things are responsible to make a blog perfect, one of them is SEO. If you don't know basic SEO then you are not a good blogger. If you really don't know about SEO then you have to get knowledge about SEO, if you want to become a good blogger.

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4 Blogging Tools To Promote Your Blog's Content:

1) Visual.ly.


Visual.ly is the best market place for visual content. There are many features of visual.ly, it provides many opportunities like you can share infographic, video and presentations. If you are going to make a post on a topic you can just search about your topic in visual.ly and get infographic, videos and presentation related with your topic which will help you making your post good and high quality.

2) BuzzSumo.

buzzsumo for bloggers.

BuzzSumo is also one of the best site to promote. You can also use it to make research on different topics which helps you to make your post quality good. You can also buy buzzsumo pro for more features.

Here's a breakdown of what buzzsumo actually do.

  • Allows you to search for content.
  • Allows you to gather matrices around content.
  • Export all of the intelligence.
  • Allows you to find guest post, videos, pictures and interviews.

3) Hootsuite.

hoostsuite for blogging.

Hoostsuite is design to collate all of your social media account streams into one dashboard. As you now if you want your blogging effective and successful you have to promote your blog into social media sites. This is basically a third party tool which helps you to manage your social media accounts. 

This platform allows you to write, send, schedule and track posts from it's simple interface. The main feature of this tool is this is web-based tool and any downloading is not required. You can also monitor analytics and performance of your social media accounts.


  • It allows you to manage multiple social media accounts in one handy dashboard.
  • You can write, send and schedule your social media posts.
  • The main and important feature of hootsuite is RSS integeration.
  • It also provides analytics and performance of your your socail media accounts.

4) Meridian.

meridian for bloggers.

Meridian is new and one of the best platform for publishers. It acts as a conduit between advertisers and publishers by providing deep insights that allows publishers to create better than better. Meridian provides many opportunities like publishers can mange their ads, view unique targeted audience segments and much more.


  • Fresh user interface.
  • Real time data visualizations.
  • Deep audience demographics and reader insights.
  • Improved ad management tools.


In blogging you have to utilize all tools and application to make your blog good. Here i have provided you 4 blogging tools to promote your blog's content which will help you to promote your blog and make high quality posts.Tell me were these tools helpul?

If you are facing any problem contact me or make a comment below.

5 Killer Ways To Make Blogging Effective.

make blogging effective.

Blogging is most growing profession. Many people are attracting towards blogging and they want to share their valuable information with other's. When many people start blogging they don't know 5 killer ways to make blogging effective that's why they stop blogging because they are not getting desire results.

When i start blogging i don't know very much about blogging and when i made my first blog i don't get success to make my blog successful because i don't know these 5 killer ways to make blogging effective. Many bloggers also don't know these 5 killer ways that's why i want to make a post on this topic.

Bloggers want to make their blog effective to get their desire results. Many bloggers want to earn from their blog but they fail because their blog is not effective.

Many things are responsible to make your blog effective the main thing is SEO, but i will not discuss about SEO here because i have already published a post on SEO of a blog.

Read: How To Improve SEO Of A Blog.

Read: 6 killer tips to write a effective blog post.

5 Killer Ways To Make Blogging Effective:

1) Be Topical.

Professional blogger know reader's may or may not be interested in your post or post topic but they want to get knowledge and if you are making post on a particular topic and you don't stay on your topic this will effect your blog's performance and visitors will not come to your blog again. If you want visitors to come back again then you have stay on your topic.

If you want to make your blogging effective then you have to be topical.

2) Post Continuously.

Almost all search engines track the activity of blogs to improve search results. If you want to make your blogging effective then you have to make posts daily. Quality blogs are updated several times a week, if not daily. If you want to make your blog good then you have to make posts daily because this will shows that you are serious with your blog.

3) Spell Checking.

As you have heared "content is king" this is because content is responsible for all activity of your blog like visits. You have to check the quality of your blog's content and you have to ensure that their is no spelling mistakes in your content. For this you have to read your posts and content several time i also read my content after publishing a post.

4) Refresh Content.

Refreshing content also make's your blogging effective. If you have made a community of visitors then you don't want to lose them. You have to refresh your content and design also if you don't want to lose your visitors because they want new things or content to read.

I will suggest you to refresh your content after atleast 2 years this will make your blog effective.

5) Clear Navigation to your Post/content.

You have to write without inside joke's, catchphrases or ambiguous logic. Many visitors takes it serious that if you have added any type of popups and other bad ads which will effect your blog's performance. As you have heared "first impression is the last impression" thats why you have to provide clear navigation for your visitors other wise visitors will not come back again.


I have provided you the 5 killer ways to make blogging effective, and i hope you will enjoy it.
If you are facing any type of problem or difficulty then you have to contact me or make a comment below i will help you,